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Relief from Pemphigus - my sisters story

 A Happy Ending

I originally made Mataya Skincare All-Natural Body Oil for my sister to help provide some relief from her Pemphigus.

Pemphigus is a rare skin disorder and is characterised by blisters on the skin. These blisters then rupture which leaves open sores, they can ooze and become infected. It is an incredibly painful disease and has left my sister almost house bound for 20 years. There is no cure and the only treatments available are steroids and Laser Surgery. The Laser Surgery is incredibly painful, expensive and has left her permanently scarred.

My sister is unable to apply body creams on her Pemphigus, which means that her delicate skin is dry and tight, and tears if she moves the wrong way.

I asked her to sample my oil on a very small part of her disease to see if there was any reaction. The oil did not burn or sting her skin, unlike a lot of other body products that she has previously purchased. She started to use the oil over her entire body and within a short period of time the blisters began to heal and she was relieved to be able to move for the first time without tearing her skin. It took 4 weeks to heal the Pemphigus breakout as shown in this photo.

Mataya Skincare’s All-Natural Body oil is NOT a cure for her Pemphigus and my sister will unfortunately continue to have breakouts on her body for the rest of her life. This oil has purely sped up the healing process of the blisters when they first appear and has hydrated her skin, bringing great comfort and making me a very popular sister.

Please note: this is my sister’s personal story and not everyone with Pemphigus will experience the same results.

We do not advise applying any products to broken skin without consulting your Medical practitioner. And we do not market this oil for Medical purposes; it is marketed as a natural body oil for hydrating and moisturising purposes.

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